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A consulting firm can also be called a consulting company. The objective of a consulting firm is to enable a company to solve a specific problem. This problem may be operational or strategic. Thus, the consulting firm must perform an analysis and provide recommendations. Moreover, the role of a consulting firm is to support its clients by offering a service adapted to their needs.

A data consulting firm will help its clients solve data-related problems. We will introduce you to what data is and what we can do for you.

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What is data?

Data is the representation of what is known – or accepted as such – and which serves as a starting point for reasoning or analysis. Examples of data: 13.8 kilometers, Dupont, 37 degrees Celsius, New-York, red

Since the advent of computers, we speak of digital data because they are stored in the form of 0 and 1.

Finally, we distinguish between information and data: information is the meaning of one or more data in a certain context.

In recent years, we have seen an explosion in the volume and variety of data. Collapsing storage and computing costs have made big data andartificial intelligence a reality. Never before has data played such an important role in our lives. Numerous professions have emerged in the world of data. These trades are divided into three families which we present to you briefly :

Data management

This family includes activities that allow theconcrete use of data. For example, there is the job of data engineer. Data engineers are software developers specialized in data. Thus, they design and implement the collection, databases, storage and processing that provide access to data that can be used by the company’s various applications.

Photo of a screen representing a database development environment
Data visualizations appear as holograms above a tablet that a person carries like a tray

Data analysis

Data analysis follows the collection and preparation of data toextract value. In order to carry out this analysis, three generations of analysis are distinguished. Descriptive analysis to find out what is going on. Predictive analysis to know what will happen andprescriptive analysis to know why it is happening and how to change it in the future.

It includes the job of business intelligence manager. These professionals are responsible for business intelligence techniques. These BI techniques include multidimensional analysis and visual reports. The role of the business intelligence manager is to produce descriptive analyses for decision makers. Note that in periods of high activity, the business intelligence manager can call upon business intelligence consultants.

More recently, the role of data scientist has been developed for prescriptive analyses thanks to artificial intelligence based on statistics, machine learning and even artificial neural networks…

Data governance

Advances in data management and analytics require specialized data governance. New jobs and roles have been created to meet this need. Among these jobs, we find the chief data officer. This job is the most senior data-related job in an organization. CDOs are intended to create a framework for managers to get value from data. Thus, they oversee the various data businesses from an organizational and strategic point of view.

There are many jobs in data, we have presented some of them, however if you want to know more, go to our page, the jobs in data.

Cabinet de gouvernance des données pour les entreprises

What's the point of mastering your data?

When we talk about data control, we are talking about data governance. Data governance encompasses the organizational structure, procedures, and tools that enable companies to manage their data as an asset. This is to increase their revenue and productivity, while reducing security risks. Therefore, mastering your data allows :
  • To increase its turnover. With data governance, you can increase your revenue by improving your data management. This can lead to better overall company productivity.
  • Cost reduction. It saves time and the data debt is controlled.
  • Risk reduction. Operational, cybersecurity and regulatory risks are reduced.
If you want to know more about data governance, you can read our article explaining in detail everything you need to know.

Who are we?

Data Éclosion is a consulting firm based in Paris. We help companies implement digital strategy and data governance. We know that today and in the future, mastering your data is essential. Indeed, this will allow us to be more competitive and more resilient in the face of crises.

Our data governance and digital strategy experts have experience managing large-scale projects. Indeed, we have already assisted mid-sized companies and multinationals in their transition to data centric organization.

Meeting to present a project to the head of a company

When you choose our consulting firm for your data, you will benefit from the services ofexperts and data specialists who aim to help you better control your data. You will also benefit from a simple and agile framework. Moreover, we guarantee you personalized solutions, because we know that each company and project is different. To conclude, we are very close to our customers.

Our consulting offers

At Data Éclosion, we offer customized consulting services at both strategic and operational levels :

Our strategic consulting

  • Audit and assessment of digital maturity.
  • The definition of the digital strategy.
  • The definition of data governance.
  • Establishing a data culture.

Our operational consulting

  • Implementing data governance.
  • Creation of the glossary and the data catalog.
  • Training and support for your data stewards.
  • Supporting the business lines in data projects.

Data and data governance are subjects you need to master? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will accompany you so that you have a data governance that meets your expectations. To do this...

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