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The future of data management lies in data meshing

Data Mesh: Definition, Real Use Cases and Advice

Data, often compared to the “oil of the 21st century”, defines our digital age. The emergence of big data in the 2010s, combined with the development of the cloud and artificial intelligence, has transformed our technological landscape. However, centralized structures have not been able to fully exploit this potential. Born

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Data Roles

Here are the main jobs in the world of data classified according to three families: data management, data analysis and finally, data governance. Some professions have existed almost since the beginning of computing, while others are much more recent. Data management roles Data management includes all the activities that enable

Data culture

Data Literacy

Not so long ago, data management was the prerogative of computer scientists, statisticians, and other technicians… Today, it is obvious that data has become so important in our society, that everyone should have the basics, including non-technical people This is called having the data culture or simply be data literate.