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The data-centric approach is now essential in the face of the era of artificial intelligence

Importance and Implementation of Data-Centric Architectures in a Digital Economy

Data is now a significant commodity for companies in the constantly evolving digital economy. To ensure that their strategies align with this, they must adopt cultural and technical changes to accommodate rapidly expanding data workloads. Unfortunately, most traditional database systems cannot support the constraint of securely transferring and storing such

Wireframe 3D head looking at data statistics evoking data profiling

Data profiling: a must for data quality

As you know, the better you analyze your data, the more value it brings you. However, it is important to evaluate the content and quality of your data beforehand, especially since the volume and variety of your data is constantly increasing (big data). In short, there has never been a

Data centric architecture

Data centric: revolutionizing the company through data

Many organizations call themselves data-driven or data-centric, and use these terms in a confusing way. But the two have very different meanings. On the one hand, being data-driven means making decisions based on data analysis. It’s a state of mind in which strategic decisions are guided by the information gathered.