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Data Governance

Digital data security

Data security: the role of data governance

Data governance ensures the optimal use of data assets by implementing specific roles, processes and work rules. In addition, well-designed data governance ensures data protection and security by putting in place rigorous policies and procedures to minimize the risk of loss, leakage and attacks. Data governance encompasses the actions, methods,

Artist's vision of data lineage

Data lineage: why and how to implement it in your company?

An accurate data lineage is necessary to get the most out of your data; but what does data lineage consist of? It provides information about the movement and transformation of data throughout the enterprise information system. Establishing the data lineage provides an overview of how processes transform data. Implementing data

Data Catalog

Data, like all assets, must be inventoried in what we call a data catalog. A true bible for anyone working with data, it is the essential tool for sustainable data governance within the organization. First of all, we present its essential functionalities, then its secondary functionalities; finally we expose the

A man in a suit and tie holds a tablet horizontally above which floats in holograms a futuristic graphical interface representing the regulations and policies of digital data

Data governance

The transition to a data centric approach is a major challenge faced by companies today. The use of data no longer concerns only certain technical teams but all of a company’s businesses. On a daily basis, each employee handles data of varying complexity and sensitivity. In addition, the emergence of