Our consultants offer the firm’s services to client companies, to the general management, the business departments and their employees. They also provide support to data roles. Often confronted with change management, their soft skills are important recruitment criteria for us.

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Main profiles of the firm

Meeting to present a project to the head of a company

Data Governance Strategy Consultants

data governance strategy consultants
are domain experts often with more than 15 years of experience, as well as deep skills in :

They intervene – upstream or in punctual support of a program – on the following subjects

  • Audit and maturity assessment,
  • Definition of a digital strategy aligned with the company’s strategic objectives,
  • And above all, design or redesign a data governance.

Data Governance Management Consultants

The data governance management consultants intervene in the client company to implement or evolve the data governance program designed by them or the data governance strategy consultants . They are responsible for promoting it, gaining acceptance and monitoring its progress. They oversee the work of several data governance consultants, the number of which varies depending on the size of the company and the progress of the program. Their main activities are:
  • Convincing officials of the merits of the program and securing funding,
  • Win over a majority of people by using business techniques and communication methods adapted to each audience,
  • Manage the implementation and progress of the program with project management techniques,
  • Manage the data governance consultants and client staff involved in the program,
  • Propose and manage the tools – in particular the data catalog – from the collection of needs to the support of users, including the implementation.
Meeting of people working on a digital project on a tablet
Consultant en gouvernance des données dans un cabinet de conseil en data gouvernance

Data Governance Consultants

Under the responsibility of
consultants in data governance management
consultants, the
data governance consultants
consultants support the operational part of the program. They advise and train the various employees involved in the data governance program, such as data owners and data stewards.

Their main activities are:

  • Organize forums, trainings, conferences that present the program and the role of each in it.
  • Train or coach – individually or collectively – data owners and data stewards.
  • Provide ongoing support to business analysts to enable them to leverage data governance and its tools.
  • Explain the
    in order to increase the
    data culture

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