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We are a data consulting firm in Paris, France

Our experts in digital strategy and data governance have already helped mid-sized companies and multinationals in their transition to a data-centric organization.

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What are the benefits of data governance?

Increase your profits

Do you know that your data is a real asset of your company? By classifying them in a data catalog: you will have an overview that will facilitate their search and use. This way, you will discover many opportunities that you or your competitors would never have thought of, which will increase your results.

Increase your productivity

Even the greatest musicians need a conductor to play. Your data teams will be more effective if they are well informed and coordinated: master data management, data lineage and data quality will ensure error-free analysis to always make the best strategic decisions.

Reduce your risk

In the age of big data, it is increasingly difficult to secure and regulate data, and a leak or loss of critical data can ruin your reputation forever. In addition, you must comply with regulations – such as GDPR or CCPA – or face heavy fines. Classification and data policies are the key to countering all these risks.

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